Clarcon’s focus has always been on the provision of quality services. However, in 2008 we chose "Quality" as one of the fundamental pillars of our policy. To this end, we have implemented and certified our Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001. Obtaining this certification was another important step in achieving the goals we set ourselves daily, i.e. to continuously improve the services we provide and to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Quality with Customers

Continuously listening to the market and identifying the needs of customers in order to offer them appropriate solutions that meet their goals and expectations.

Quality with Suppliers

Building and maintaining a relationship of trust, enabling the development of partnerships and promoting the development of business opportunities of interest to both parties.

Quality with Employees

Motivating our employees by providing them with opportunities for professional and personal development. Providing training and a work environment that is compatible with the demands of professional performance.

Quality with Shareholders

Continuously improving business processes through the development of tools for analysis and decision-making that allow continuous evaluation of objectives and that support decision-making, ensuring the company’s development in the markets where it operates.