Social Responsability

“The social responsibility of companies is to integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and into their interaction with all stakeholders. This way, businesses help meet the needs of their customers while at the same time managing the expectations of employees, suppliers and the local community. This is contributing positively to society and managing the environmental impacts of the company, which can provide direct benefits to the business and ensure long-term competitiveness.” In IAPMEI
Within a process of continuous improvement, we have been putting several measures in place that meet the philosophy of socially responsible and sustainable management, including:

Environment and Energy

Associated with APAMB (Portuguese Association of Environmental Inspection and Prevention)
Container for paper recycling
Container for recycling toners and ink cartridges
Container for recycling batteries
Container for recycling scrap
Donation and delivery of electronic equipment for recycling
Use of solar panels for water heating
Waste Management Entities: AMI-Recidan; Amarsul; Recielectric; Ecopilhas; Transucatas


There are several institutions and associations of a social nature that receive support from CLARCON through offering services or making donations, of which the following are of note:

CADEL; De braços abertos; Cristã de Acolhimento; Mãos dadas; Abracinhos dados; BETEL; "O novo milénio"; UNICEF; SADM; CNE-Agrup. 835


Quality Certification under ISO 9001 standard.
Relations with suppliers and customers, so that they are based on a foundation of mutual trust.
Adequacy of our services to the needs of customers.

Internal Dimension

Improvement in Occupational Health and Safety conditions, such as providing uniforms and appropriate PPE, rehabilitation of the canteen, building adequate locker rooms.
In-house training.
Agreements with banks allowing employees to take advantage of discounts and preferential credit conditions.